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Praktik Rambla

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Barcelona dynamic, color, light, long and busy rides, hip, chic and breathing glamour on every corner. And here we find the Praktik Rambla, central and in a historic building recovered. Following the architectural rhythm of the city, in details that have both sculptural and exquisite, this hotel is prepared for conviviality. A hotel open to the city and with affordable rates that marry perfectly with our desire to visit.


- 43 Rooms 
- Restaurant 
- Terrace
- Free Wi-Fi

Not to miss

A mojito on the terrace in the late afternoon, walk through the hotel with your fingertips and eyes closed feeling the textures of the walls along the stairs, soak  in the selection of books from the living room to the taste of Catalan life.

Project image.jpg


Price from: 100€

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