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Traveling through Portugal, first stop: North of Portugal

A region with a strong personality, full of stories to tell its visitors. It was here that our country was born and this is where we would like to start our journey.

Choose your place, sit comfortably and be dazzled by the wonders of North of Portugal.

What to visit?

We start by exploring Serra da Estrela, a scenario where you can breathe nature in every corner. Ideal for spending a few days with the family or maybe making a romantic getaway.

Between valleys and mountains, lagoons and hot springs, here you will find the tranquility you need to enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer. In summer the green color that penetrates the landscape strongly and in winter the soft white of snow that surrounds the mountains.

Ponte de Lima, is a city full of history as well. But this region will conquer you with its vast and tasty gastronomy. Let's start by whetting your appetite: You need to taste "Bacalhau de Cebolada" or "Serrabulho Rice", but don't forget the "Burnt Cream Milk", it's delicious!

But here, you have a lot to see. Viewpoints, beautiful gardens and all the tradition and culture of this place: Village Parties and Pilgrimages, Architectural Patrimony and between routes and routes, don't miss the "Caminhos de Santiago"

The last stop is Marialva, a village with a truly historic setting. Between walls and towers, we have churches and chapels with so much to count and "treasures" left for us to explore today. Get lost in the wonderful landscapes and mediaeval festivals that characterize the village so well.

We choose only three regions, but there is a lot of beautiful regions to explore. Waiting for you! ;)

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