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New Trends had started already

While everyone is safe at home (or trying to be), our there a new tourism era already began. Some tourist experts and real estate gurus project that it will take years to go back to where we were in tourism development, in finantial terms, off course. Well, do we want to go back to where we left? Is there still a trusty tourism back where we left? Hopefully not!

At Unique Stays we were found of Slow Travel and Creative Tourism from the very beginning. We have always defended an innovative kind of hospitality, focused on the pleasure of serving and the natural curiosity for the human being, making all relations prevenient from travelling naturally accepted: either in terms of providing comfort in bedroom preparations, from handling all types of guests, concerning their needs, desires and expectations. Therefore, hoteliers from Unique Stays collection care about serving. A natural dedication to welcoming and providing the best scenario for memories to last, inviting guests to be truly present and enjoy real open-hearted hospitality.

Unbreaking tabus

Offcourse the hospitality industry is a business and it should be! The character that it takes to serve, the professional and academic background plus the path taken from the individuals that work in the hotel and tourism area are to be taken in great consideration. Together, these features are what makes every person in the industry unique- their way to handle operations, means and personality and it is a social subject rather than just cold finance.Its their contribute to the business and that is what hoteliers most value: or what they should or what they are (finally) learning to: human resources. Not just a resource but the center of the stage for they represent the business, the relation with the guest, the performance of the brand and the ability to handle all the new procedures and demands of this new touristic area of post covid. For the first the human side of the employers that now are truly polyvalent without an option and concerned about their own future, and on the other hand, the hotel managers that have realised who they can count with and how to value what they have to offer in their business and how they can protect their staff as well... and how good their staff can or cannot be. For the first time employers have time... time to do their work properly and show their value. Time to dedicate to the (few) guests, and time (and even space) to perform conceptual hospitality. How worthy is your hotel business?

Hotel Performance

So the staff is most of the concern: not only about what they need to earn, but regarding their involvement and capacity to adapt and suggest new forms of tourism. Can management and staff together develop a creative hospitality offering adjusted programs to the new post covid tourists? Is it all still about figures, percentage and revenue or can we actually seek into meaningful guests? Should we provide nights and beds or actually memories, experiences, services that contribute to health and well-being of the guests. Are guests finally guests or still just clients? Can we attend to their faults and develop something on-demand, innovative even if not know and practised in the hospitality industry such as long, really long term stays; day use; concierge for everything; schedule and agenda management of guests and seek for a blue horse if needed? Are we flexible and capable of being flexible in the booking methods? Are we talking to our past guests or continue to seek for incognito new ones volume-related?

With this in mind, we seek to be aware of all possibilities having charm properties and original hoteliers to work beside us. Unique Stays recognises the importance of being on both side: managers and clients and therefore, we materialize in services and in atitude the excellency of hospitality: humble, professional, dedicated but simple.

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