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Noah Surf House

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It is right on the seafront in Santa Cruz that we find the bungalows and rooms of noah surf house. An ecological and sustainable Surf House, is decorated whenever possible with recycled materials, The sea is the backdrop and what moves Noah, is the sharing of a space, which we call HOME, with windows facing the waves of the sea and door to the sand of the beach, with people from the four corners of the world , united by the passion for the sea and the sport.


- 8 Rooms and 13 Bungalows
- Bar/Snack-Bar
- Outside Pool
- Jacuzzi
- Free Wi-Fi
- Shared Kitchen
- Gym
- Skate Park
- Biological vegetable garden
- Surf School
- Surf Store
- Multipurpose room

Not to miss

It is in the magic of this house that you can visit with children a biological vegetable garden (with chickens!), a restaurant right on the beach of Physics, a jacuzzi, an infinity pool with a breathtaking view, rooftop and solar deck... And what can we ask for more when the fire lights up?

project image.jpg


Price from: 175€

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